Puglia Love!


Puglia Love!

By Antimo Cimino, Italy travel expert at VoomaGo

Lately, the world’s most famous travel magazine and newspapers have been featuring Puglia as one of the most beautiful and enchanting Italian destinations.

Tourism boards have increased their marketing efforts attracting famous personality to this undiscovered region. Since Justin Timberlake wedding in Puglia, Woopi Golberg most recent visit, Madonna, Matt Dillon, Tom Hanks and Hugh Jackman visits to mention a few, Puglia has earned the name of “The Tuscany of the South”.

It is a bit disappointing that famous people have to be invited and paid to become ambassadors of new travel destinations that were beautiful long before they even set foot there.
As a born and raised Italian man from Puglia, I am happy to share my insider perspective of my beloved home region with pride, passion, and love. There are a few memories and emotions that transport me back home in an heartbeat: my mother’s homemade orecchiette with cime di rape and anchovies; memories of the warm sun as I harvested tomatoes or grapes in my family orchard; picking figs and eating them off the tree till I was stuffed; a glass of Primitivo with its fruity, bold qualities and tannins making love to my taste buds; the glittering, emerald, crystal clear water of the Ionian Sea; and the quite, hot streets of summer afternoons when everyone takes a nap.

While these are the emotions from my childhood growing up in Puglia and from when i take people there on tours, I can assure you these are the authentic, simple and yet most beautiful memories you will be talking about when you visit. There are countless little towns and cities, unique and charming, each one with their character but what will elevate your experience of Puglia, making it truly unforgettable, will undoubtedly be its people and the food.

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